This page was created with the purpose of show our friendly what we do.
You have gone round various roads and found many hunting and fishing companiae. This makes it difficult to decide wich company to book in.
We want to help you notice and get that catch you´ve always dreamt of and enjoy the fantastic moments we live when we go hunting.
We invite you to visit places, live moments and experience a fantastic service in different points of the country according to you preferences: hunting or fishing.
We don´t sell dreams or life experience. we offer reasonable opportunities according to the type of hunting, the season and the area. The most important part of our work is to travel constantly searching for new and better areas of hunting and fishing in order to offer,every day, a better transport service, accommodation and coverage of every detail of safari or fishing excursion.
We personally deal with every doubt of our clients, giving authentic answer. Hunting is not always perfect, not every area is the best.
In case there are problems with the excursion or the area, you´ll know every detail before making a decision.
Our extensive knowledge of areas and wild species of Argenina makes "M.M Hunting and Fishing" the best option for you next excursion into nature.
"M.M Hunting and fishing" is a company dedicated to the organization of hunting trips and fishing excursions in Argentina, Patagonia and the Pampas for hunters and fishermen from every country.
During the winter months in the northern hemisphere you can enjoy hunting and fishing in the wonderful, spectacular Argentinian territory.
Tailor-made intineraries will make you trip an experiences you will never forget.
Our Main objetive is to offer the best service, fulfilling every expectative of our clients.
Share with us ... an adventure in Argentina.