Who we are?
Mario Maidana
Mario Maidana is the director of "M.M Hunting and Fishing". He was born in Las Parejas in the province of Santa Fe.
Besides administrating and organizing hunting trips and fishing tours,he isprofessional hunter and fisher, well-acquainted with different species and the different areas of hunting and fishing in Argentina.
He grew upand experienced the different stages of fascinating activity of hunting.
When he was a child,heplayed with friends and dogs trying tocatch small birds in the "pajonales" near the railway station.
As time went by, he put away "gomeras","boleadoras" and his air-gun rifleand tried to convince his parent and grandparents to lend him use the gunshots they had kept fprmany years and which were,at the same time, gifts fromtheir own parents,also hunters.
He started making short trips tonearby lakes, hunting hare at night and traveled hundreds of kilometers to hunt partridges,have an "asado" and drink mate in the shadow of the trees and come back home with today´s game.
He started to hunt in woodlands, mostly "vozcachas","guazunchos" and "pecaries".
his dream of hunting down wild boar, deer,and buffaloes soon came true.
He hunted with dogs in La Pampa, Rio Negro and several other provinces where he made good friends and shared unforgettable moments.